Clubpenguin Puffle Party Cheats

The puffle party has started and you can get free items everyday. Just click on this icon.      
Then you will see this appear


Click on go there.
After you go there click on the booth.


Then click on collect.


The hoodies are only for the members but the dog ears are for everyone.

You can unlock more free items everyday.


Members and non members can both transform into a puffle by clicking on the transform button on their puffle progress tracker.


Then you can transform into one of the puffles you have.
I want to transform into my blue puffle so i will click on the blue puffle and then click transform.



Then you will transform into a puffle.


To transform back click on the button


And you will transform back into a penguin.

There are also free bunny ears at the beach. Just go to the beach and on the free sign.

– Aashika


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