This the page were you will get a lot of information about puffles in cp.           PUFFLES WHICH ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE ON CP all-puffles-21 this is the picture of puffles.             Puffles are furry animals which have no hands or legs they are very cute .

The first picture of puffle in the picture sown above is the called as the black puffle they are known for their reluctance and shadowy-ness. Many Penguin tend to view black puffles as “gangster-like”. They rarely smile, but they will smile when pleased only for members . It can play Cart surfer  with you.

The second puffle  shown is called as blue puffle In March 2006 when they became available. It is considered trustworthy, loyal, and easy to care for and the best thing is that both members and non-members.

The third puffle is called as green puffleshey are known to be very energetic and active. They are also the fastest puffles. They are much like clowns, and are usually seen with a Propeller cap or a unicycle. The most famous green Puffle is the Keeper of boiler room. It can play Jet pack adventure with you but only members in cp can buy it.

The next puffle is called pink puffle (my favourite puffle but i cant buy it because only members can buy it ) They are known for their sportiness. They are also depicted as cheerful. They can play with you in Aqua grabber at the Iceberg.

Next puffle is orange puffle.  These orange puffles are available since February 25, 2010. Orange Puffles have been depicted as goofy and clownlike, much like Green puffles. They are the only puffle to come from a different dimension only avalaible for members. Their prominent buck teeth draw users to them. Next one is purple puffle. They were discovered in August 2006. They are known to dance, be picky eaters and often portrayed as a diva. They blow incredibly large bubbles using their bubble wand.

The Purple Puffle can play with you in the mini-game Dance contest avalaible to members only. Next is red puffle  They originally came from Rochopper island , but have now been domesticated for igloo usage.

The most famous red puffle is Rockhopper puffle, Yarr. They can play with you in Cachin’ Waves  at the Cove. According to Rockhopper, they are the first discovered puffles.

The next is yellow puffle They are very creative and artistic, and are known to sculpt and paint perfect pieces of art members and non-members. Yellow puffles  were first sighted in October 2007 and became available for membrs in November of that year. Yellow Puffles can play in DJ3K. There is also a Yellow Puffle which stays mysteriously in the stage. You can see this puffle by pulling a yellow lever on the Swicthbox 300, and it is named The keeper of stage only for members.

Next is white puffle The White puffle was introduced to Clubpenguin on March 6, 2009. They are the smallest of all puffles, and what makes them seem cuter to other penguins. They are also known for their ability to turn anything in to ice, or create slopes of ice from thin air. They are portrayed as shy and mildly smaller than other puffle species. They are connected back to Ninjas  quite often only for members.

The next is brown puffle It was discovered on January 17, 2011, during the Wilderness expedition. It was perhaps the most exciting to discover as not only several puzzles had to be solved but a boat had to be built and sailed out to their secret cave. Inside,   members could adopt one Brown puffle  for free. So far it seems Brown puffle are quite intelligent as the Brown puffle where they were discovered is full of many complex machinery. It also uses a Rocket ship to play and dreams of equations, complete with a graph paper background it is only for members.

One of the the rarest puffle is the rainbow puffle here is the information about it.An upcoming puffle. They come from the clouds above CLUBPENGUIN ISLAND . They are the most unique puffles to be released. It is revealed that they may have fur cells similar to a chameleon, so they may be able to change their color. First appeared in a Hollywood party trailer, and then in Puffle party                                              RARE PUFFLES ON CLUBPENGUIN

Rainbow Puffle
Rainbow Puffle Pre Puffle Party 2013
Available Puffle Party 2013
Attitude N/A
Member only Yes
Favorite toys N/A
Play action N/A
Dance Possibly Pixie Dust
Tongue color Pink
Speed N/A
Special features Rainbow Colour
Elite Puffle Items None
Favorite Games N/A

Next rare puffle is cat puffle

Cat Puffle
Cat Puffle 1
Available No
Attitude N/A
Member only N/A
Favorite toys N/A
Play action N/A
Dance N/A
Tongue color N/A
Speed N/A
Special features N/A
Elite Puffle Items N/A
Favorite Games N/A

Next one is reindeer puffle Reindeer Puffles were first spotted at the Holiday party 2012 exit page, then on the homescreen, and then confirmed to be able to become one. These puffle species are slightly bigger than ordinary puffles. The only Reindeer Puffles spotted were brown. This might mean that they might only be brown, like how Puffle Bats are only black, and how Puffle Cats are only purple.

Reindeer Puffle
Reindeer Puffle ingame
Available No
Attitude Playful, jolly, silly
Member only Yes (Transform)
Favorite toys N/A
Play action N/A
Dance Red Nose
Tongue color Sky Blue
Speed Fast
Special features Flight, Red Nose when Dancing
Elite Puffle Items None
Favorite Games None
ID unknown

Next one is bird puffle Bird Puffles were first spotted at the Holiday party 2012, popping out of the clock tower every 15 minutes, just like how the Orange puffle did at the Ski lodge. It is most likely to be the next Puffle, as it says in an issue of the Club Penguin Times, that PH found some strange feathers. Possibly from this Puffle.                                                               The next one is bat puffle It was seen in the Mansion attic telescope during the Halloween party 2012 . There is also a puffle bat key                             The next is  Dragon puffle The Dragon Puffle was seen in the Clubpenguin magazine. Not much is known about it.                                                           And last but not the least is the golden puffle

  • The Golden Puffle is very elusive and rare, and is only seen in 7 places:
  1. Quest for golden puffle , where it plays a key role, but turns out to be chocolate.
  2. Penguin tales , when a Blue Puffle got covered in gold paint and was mistaken for one.
  3. In the Gadget Locker in HQ during some of the PSA secret mission
  4. In PSA Mission ten:, where a fake one is put to trap Herbet, but Rookie “accidentally” lets Herbert get away with his Spy phone.
  5. The Party starts now, as a cameo.
  6. At the Lighthouse during the Mdival party 2012.
  7. On the Studio lot background.                                                                                       ______________________________                                                                           Page made by : Aashika                                                                                                      Clubpenguin : Rinai                                                                                                            Twitter : @Aashika22                         


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