Fantage is a online game for kids. It safe and fun for kids.  The meaning of Fantage is fantastic age in short Fantage. You can play mini games on Fantage. Premium Members may use the free virtual currency they earn from games (Stars) to purchase nearly any item in Fantage, with the exception of a few designated eCoin-only items. Non-premium users also can access a number of items in the world’s many shops without paying for membership.Users can collect pets by purchasing and hatching eggs or by using pet codes. Only Premium Members can hatch all pets using eggs. Non-Premium members can hatch two pets using eggs. Users who obtain eCoins are able to purchase Magic Codes to hatch a specific pet they want and at a faster rate. If you wanna join Fantage go to http://www.fantage.com.                                                                                                                                         ——————————————————————————                          Page made by :Aashika                                                                                                                   Twitter : @Aashika22                                                                                                                            Fantage : Clarriya


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